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GEN Z photographers to watch

#Genz photographers are

Gen Z photographers are making a significant impact in the art world with their innovative and diverse approaches to photography. Here are a few standout examples:

  • Charis Cheung is known for her ethereal and edgy style. She describes her work as having a "glowy, pretty lighting" with an occasional "edgy ethereal vibe." Cheung also enjoys modeling and creative directing, often integrating her vision into the photoshoots herself​ (Raydar Magazine)​.

  • Cameron Reed, Rhianydd Hylton, and Emerald Arguelles are among the young Black photographers redefining the Black experience in America. Their work captures the richness of Black excellence, joy, beauty, and love, pushing against historical barriers in the art world​ (Very Good Light)​.

  • Signe Ralkov from Denmark merges digital and natural elements in her work, often using blue hues and inspired by the natural surroundings of Copenhagen. Her art explores the fluidity between humans, nature, and data systems, creating a unique visual narrative that reflects on environmental themes​ (Artsy)​.

  • Megan Dominescu from Romania incorporates humor and vibrant colors in her textile art, which includes life-size crocheted figures and rug-hooked scenes. Her work addresses serious topics like sex work with a whimsical and often comical approach, making her pieces both thought-provoking and visually engaging​ (Artsy)​.

These photographers and their works reflect Gen Z's emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and the blending of digital and analog aesthetics. They are part of a broader trend where vibrant colors like teal, organic digital effects, and themes of representation are increasingly prominent​ (Creative Boom)​.

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